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Winter Haven Springtacular 3v3 Challenge

7th Annual
a Sunday in April in Winter Haven, Florida, USA

April 10, 2016 - April 10, 2016
This is a 1 day tournament

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Welcome to the 7th Annual Winter Haven Springtacular

This annual spring time event returns again to Simmers - Young Park. This event is a one day only and like past years all the games will be played Sunday.




Hosted by Challenge Sports
Location: Simmers - Young Park, 339 American Spirit Road, Winter Haven, Florida 33880
Entry fee: $205 per team
($185 Early Entry Fee for teams registering and paying up to 14 days before the event (03-27-2016) or earlier; $225 Late Entry Fee for teams registering and/or paying less than 8 days before the event (04-01-2016) ).

Final entry date is 6 pm Monday before the event (unless event is Sunday only, then it will be 6pm, Tuesday). After this, teams will be accepted on a case by case basis. It is possible that entries will exceed the capacity of the soccer facility before the final entry date. In that case registrations will be cut off sooner.

Check In: At least one hour before your first game the day of the event, unless otherwise noted.
Schedules: Event schedules are typically posted by the Thursday night (or 2 days) before the tournament through the event's information page .
Challenge Sports Guarantee: A team may withdraw from a Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour event any time up to midnight on the Tuesday before the event.

Entries are posted during the weekend before the tournament, giving teams 2-3 days after the initial posting to look at the entries and make a decision. Because entries change several times a day as teams enter, drop out, or correct their age/level, teams must check the entries often during the week before the tournament to see the up to date situation.

If a team withdraws before the deadline, the team can receive a full refund of the entry fee or it can carry a credit for the entry fee forward to use at an event to be selected later. The Guarantee applies to the entry fee only. Reservations for travel or hotel rooms are not covered by the Challenge Sports Guarantee.

Ages u6 to Adult

All Players will receive official tournament T-shirt at check-in

4 games minimum per team

Individual awards for first 3 teams in Each Division

All u10 and younger players get individual awards

Top 4 Teams in each Division qualify for the Challenge Sports 3v3 National Championships
(Top 6 teams in Super Challenges qualify)

You can also check our General Information and FAQs pages for additional information and/or to help answer questions you may have.


On the road to the Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour Nationals at the
ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at the Walt Disney World© Resort
July 29-31, 2016
Winter Haven Springtacular 3v3 Challenge
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Winter Haven Springtacular 3v3 Challenge
Additional Information

CHECK IN PROCEDURE: Check in for qualifying events is typically held at the event site unless otherwise noted on the event's information page. A team representative should arrive at the fields at least one hour before the team's first game.

For check in please bring:

    1. ROSTER/WAIVER FORM - (get form directly from your TMS account) with player/parent signatures.
    2. PROOF OF AGE - for each player, unless the player is showing Verified in TMS. (such as player passes, copy of birth certificate, drivers license, passport, etc.)
    3. ROSTER CHANGES - If you need to change your roster from the one that was submitted when you registered, make the changes on the TMS system.
    4. HOTEL FORM - if you are staying at a hotel during the event.

Express Check In option - If your team qualifies for Express Check In, the only documents needed for check in would be a Hotel Form, if applicable. Click here to find out how to qualify for Express Check In.

Additionally at check in you will receive the event T-shirts for each player on the team. Please make sure the player's shirt size is correct in TMS. Event shirts are based on this and if the wrong size is in TMS we cannot guarantee there will be a replacement available in a different size.

RULES: Rules can be view or downloaded from the 3v3 Rules Page

BALL: each team needs to bring a ball. U6 U7 U8 - size #3, U9-U12 - size #4, U13 and older - size #5

SCHEDULES: Event schedules are typically posted through the event information page by the Thursday night (or 2 days) before the tournament.


3v3 Challenge Tour National ChampionshipsAs always at our local events, the top 4 teams in each division will be qualified to attend our very own Challenge Sports 3v3 Challenge Tour National Championships held in the begining of August at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.





Winter Haven Springtacular 3v3 Challenge
Event Entries

Below is a list of all teams currently registered for the Winter Haven Springtacular 3v3 Challenge.
 Please check to ensure that all of the information for your team is correct.

Teams have been placed into preliminary groups for play, and as the list of entries change the groups will be updated - please check back often so that you will be aware of your team's placement.

IMPORTANT: Any and all requests for scheduling and team placement considerations must be sent to us by using the "Contact" link on our web site, and must be received by us NO LATER than Wednesday night - here is a direct link to that contact form;

While we make every effort to honor your requests, we regret that it may not always be possible for us to do so. Teams that feel that the circumstances will not allow them to have a positive experience have until Midnight on Wednesday to take advantage of the Challenge Sports Guarantee, which provides for a transfer of their fees to a future Challenge Sports event, or a full refund - PROVIDED they withdraw their team on the TMS web site (where you registered) by midnight on Wednesday.


Division Level Gender Team ID Team Name Club Coach
B07O OPEN BOYS/COED 15781 Crazy Ninjas   Vasquez
B07O OPEN BOYS/COED 12847 FC Kissimmee United FC Kissimmee United Perez
B07O OPEN BOYS/COED 15810 Titans   Elizalde
B07O OPEN BOYS/COED 15826 Florida Vikings FC   Moore
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 15436 Central Florida Fire   Prebenda
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 15414 Hunter's Creek Warriors Hunter's Creek Unruh
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 15579 Real Madrid Warriors Rush Hernandez
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 15792 Tampa Dynamo Tampa Dynamo Alvarado
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 15787 Florida Vikings FC   Clayton
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 15827 La Union FC   Álcala
B09C COMP BOYS/COED 15809 Labelle United   Salguero
B09C COMP BOYS/COED 15782 LaBelle Fire   Jimenez            
B09C COMP BOYS/COED 15845 Auburndale Scream Aburndale Youth Soccer Reeder            
B10R REC BOYS/COED 15753 Little Huskies   Alonso            
B10R REC BOYS/COED 10784 FC Kissimmee United FC Kissimmee United Ocasio            
B10R REC BOYS/COED 14876 Red Vampires Class Athlete Huff            
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 15785 Florida Vikings FC   Abner
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 15800 WHYSA Boys Blue WHYSA Fedderly
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 15021 Black Ninjas   Suarez
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 15455 West Orange Fury Rush Adams
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 11929 Avengers WHYSA Jasmin
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 10537 Hammer Heads   Roberts
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 15790 Florida Vikings FC   Sharma
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 13988 The Rowdy Boys TBU Horan
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 15835 Florida Vikings FC   Juarez            
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 14561 Powerhouse WFF Dennis            
B13C COMP BOYS/COED 12250 West Orange Stars Florida Rush Smith
B13C COMP BOYS/COED 14855 FIFA Hackers WHYSA Meyer
B13C COMP BOYS/COED 15850 Lakeland Spirit Lakeland Yahkin            
B14C COMP BOYS/COED 15804 Los Parceros   Bautista
B14R REC BOYS/COED 15736 Orlando Knights   Nevergold
B15R REC BOYS/COED 15005 Fusion Orlando City Mauter
B16C COMP BOYS/COED 12551 FC Madrid   Dueker
B17R REC BOYS/COED 14970 Lightning Blue Lightning Aguirre
B18C COMP BOYS/COED 13700 Lightning Gold Levy Lightning Aguirre
G16C COMP GIRLS 15814 Lake Wales Fury Lake Wales Fury Aguilar
G18R REC GIRLS 15726 SCP Scorpions  San Carlos Park Scorpions Vasquez
G09C COMP GIRLS 15758 Pink Power Kickers LFC Ferry
G09C COMP GIRLS 15708 Honey Badgers   Risser
G10C COMP GIRLS 15201 Real Madrid BRSC Conelias
G10C COMP GIRLS 15834 Fab 5 Winter Haven Chavez            
G11R REC GIRLS 15773 Ferocious 5 Wesley Chapel Seymour
G11R REC GIRLS 14498 Liberty Belles Orlando Freedom Hansen
G11R REC GIRLS 15686 Liberty Tigerettes   Alford            
G11C COMP GIRLS 15692 Liberty Belle Gold Orlando Freedom Hansen
G11C COMP GIRLS 15801 Fantastic 4 Spencer Hansen            
G12C COMP GIRLS 15107 Swat Port Orange Soccer Club Fournier
G12C COMP GIRLS 15783 Lakeland Express Lakeland FC Aqui
G13C COMP GIRLS 15779 Reel Plumbers 03 LFC Miller
G14C COMP GIRLS 15314 Chargerz Clearwater Chargers Deckert
G14C COMP GIRLS 14859 En Fuego  Fishhawk Soccer Thomas

Winter Haven Springtacular 3v3 Challenge
Hotel Information

Avanti Housing has arranged special discounted rates at area hotels. To make reservations contact Avanti Housing - phone 1-800-560-9946 (M-F 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-1pm) or online.

We encourage you to stay at our Official Tournament Hotels which support the 3v3 Challenge Tour.

For teams staying at any hotel during an event, please fill out and bring the Hotel Form to check in.

Winter Haven Springtacular 3v3 Challenge
Guest Players

Below is a listing of Guest Players that are available or needed for this event

If you are interested in adding a player to the this list please use the Guest Player Form located under the above Info/Resources tab.

Guest Players Available

Male U9 Comp

Sam is an excellent player who is a high goal scorer. He is 8 and can play U8, u9 and u10. He is very quick, excellent on offense and defense.

Male U9 Comp

Ryder is a strong player with 3v3 experience. His prior team has split up and he just wants to play !

Male U9 Comp

Adam is currently playing for FKK U9 division 1 in GCF League.

Male U9 Comp

Zein is currently playing for FKK U9 division 1 in GCF League

Male U18 Comp

Highly competitive player been playing 3v3 since U7 won Nationals several times and World Cup several times, has no team to play with this season...

Male U18 Comp

Looking for some teams to guest play with very competitive won Nationals and World Cup!

Male U16 Rec

Jacob has been playing since he was 4 years old. He is 16 years old, 6'2" and played for his high school varsity team as a sophomore. His high school team became district champs last year. Last year during the Nationals at Disney he was a pick up player and they took first in the Nationals 3v3 tournament. Jacob is hoping to be a pick up player again this year and help a team.

Male U14 Comp

Guest player avail plays U13 D1 in GCF can play up to U14.

Male U14 Comp

He's a very fast player and has a lot of knowledge of the game. He's really skillful and can dominate the ball. He's played 3v3 three times and has gone to Disney tournaments of 3v3. He plays for gosa u14 division 1 and is really looking forward to play.

Male U14 Comp

Plays any position needed

Male U13 Comp


Male U13 Comp

Can guest play for the GA tourney or Nationals he is comp or rec

Male U13 Comp

Can guest play for the GA tourney or Nationals he is comp or rec

Male U10 Comp

Will plays competitive ball in Gainesville. He is an outstanding defensiveman and plays well in 3v3. He is strong and confident. He can play u10 and u11.

Male U10 Comp

Zak is a U10 competitive player in South Florida and has played 3v3 for 3 years at a high level. Consistent scorer and tenacious defense. He could play most tournaments from Gainesville to Miami and both coasts of Florida.

Male U10 Comp

Julian currently plays U9 for OCYS (birth year is 2006). Very competitive kid with tons of speed, very high motor and good ball control. He also plays indoor soccer in a 13-14 year-old group.

Female U9 Comp

Kyrstin is a true U7 player born in '08, playing U9 competitive this season, skillful, tall, strong, and physical has always played at least one year up. Has been part of 3v3 circuit since she was 5 years old. Has played in summer Disney tournament twice, used to the 3v3 and 6v6 game, due to her team playing U10 she no longer eligible to play and there isn't enough for U9. She would just love to be able to play and have a team to play for good listener and very coachable. Available for any event she is eligible to play for U8 and/or U9 since her birthday is in August, again would love just to have a team to play and compete with. For any questions or if interest please contact Mitchell Mesa (305)342-5124 (dad)/ Jennifer Mesa(305)310-4004 (mom) or email:

Female U8 Comp

Hannah is 7 years old, she will be 8 February 2016. She is currently playing on a competitive u9 girls team. She has played soccer since she was 4 years old and has an older brother, 12 years old, that she has grown up playing with. She has also been taking private lessons for almost two years now. Hannah is extremely aggressive and talented on the soccer field. She has played 3v3 for two summers and played in the July/August 2015 Disney Tournament. She loves soccer and loves the 3v3 game. Being a u9 girl there are not always a lot of opportunities for her competitive team to play, as they often get cancelled out of tournaments due to not enough teams entering. Hannah would love any opportunity to guest play in a 3v3 tournament. You will not be disappointed with her skill, effort and attitude! Christine (Hannah's mom)

Female U15 Comp

Arielle has played competitive soccer for 8 years . Arielle is a forward , She has great ball skills and is fast.

Female U14 Comp

Ariel is a great player and she has been played 3V3 since she was 8 years old and has attending every year the Nationals at Disney, she plays any position right or left wing or point, great foot skills and control of the ball, she currently plays for the Cyclones of Cape Coral Ranked # 8 in the State and we are willing to travel anywhere anytime, My contact name and information John Escobar at 239-464-976, thank you.

Female U14 Comp

Ariel is an awesome soccer player and 3V3 is her best, she can play in any position left, right or back in point, she will a contributor to any team, very adaptable and coachable, great ball skills!

Female U14 Comp

Plays for PDA in NJ for NPL team. 2 years on ODP team. We'll be in FL for over a week and she would like to play in the tournament.

Guest Players Needed

Male U16 Comp

Looking for a very strong competitor male for Palm Coast tourney

Male U16 Comp

Need a strong u16, u15 player for Lake City and Nationals please email

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