Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour National Championships

at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort

July 28 - 30, 2017
July 27, 2017 (Mandatory Check In - Only one representative from team needs to attend)

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Welcome to Nationals!

This is what it has all been leading up to, Nationals!

The Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour National Championships is the culmination of all the hard work and dedication put in all season long by the qualifying teams and is your chance to go up against some of the best teams in the Nation.

All the local qualifying events lead up to this final stop on the Tour and your opportunity to bring home a 3v3 Soccer National Championship!

This 3 day event takes place July 28 - July 30 at the beautiful ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Mandatory Team Check In: Thursday, July 27, 2017 (A team representative only needs to attend, the entire team is not required for check in). Check in will be from 5pm until 9pm and take place to the left of the main entrance of the complex, inside the stadium concourse.

To be eligible to enter, a team must qualify in one of the official TOUR events.

A team must have at least 3 players on thier roster for Nationals, who were on the roster of the team that qualified.

Guaranteed Entry deadline for all applications is July 15

Entry fee: Early Entry Fee is $380 ($410 after July 1, except for teams qualifying in July. If your team qualifies in an event between July 1st and July 15th they will still be eligible for the $380 entry fee, if paid before the 15th)

Disney characters will be making appearances on a constant rotating basis between 10am-2pm on Friday and Saturday!

Important Information about Nationals

Nationals Housing Policy Information

General Information, Schedules, Bracketing, Results

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex© Information



Ages u6 to Adult

All Players will receive official National's tournament T-shirt at check-in

4 games minimum per team

Special National's Individual awards for 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th place teams in each age division

All U10 and younger players get individual awards

Head Coach of 1st and 2nd place teams get official 3v3 Challenge National's polo shirt


Hosted by Challenge Sports
Location: 700 Victory Way, Kissimmee, FL 34747
Entry fee:  Early Entry Fee is $380 ($410 after July 1, except for teams qualifying in July. If your team qualifies in an event between July 1st and July 15th they will still be eligible for the $380 entry fee, if paid before the 15th)


On the road to the Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour Nationals at the
ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at the Walt Disney World© Resort
July 28-30, 2017
Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour National Championships
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Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour National Championships
Additional Information

NATIONALS CHECK IN PROCEDURE: Mandatory check in for Nationals is held Thursday evening before the event, at the entrance to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Only a representative from the team needs to attend check in. The entire team is not needed.

For check in please bring:

    1. PROOF OF AGE - for each player, unless the player is showing Verified in TMS. (such as player passes, copy of birth certificate, drivers license, passport, etc.)
    2. Disney Waivers - 2 completed and signed Disney waivers are needed for each player and up to 3 coaches. These will be available to download from within TMS. (Full Season Waivers ARE NOT VALID for this event. The Disney waivers MUST BE turned in at check in and you will need to bring 2 copies of each waiver)
    3. ROSTER CHANGES - If you need to change your roster from the one that was submitted when you registered, make these changes through your TMS Account.
    4. VERIFICATION OF RECREATIONAL STATUS FORM - If a team is playing in the REC division, a completed and signed Verification of Recreational Status form will need to be turned in. The form can be found here.

Additionally at check in you will receive the event T-shirts for each player on the team. Please make sure the player's shirt size is correct in TMS. Event shirts are based on this and if the wrong size is in TMS we cannot guarantee there will be a replacement available in a different size.

RULES: Rules can be view or downloaded from the 3v3 Rules Page

BALL: each team needs to bring a ball. U6 U7 U8 - size #3, U9-U12 - size #4, U13 and older - size #5

SCHEDULES: Event schedules are typically posted through the event information page about a week before the event.


ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex© Information
this information is subject to possible changes as we get closer to the event.

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ATHLETE/COACH CREDENTIALS – All athletes and coaches will receive a credential for participation at registration (upon completion of the Disney Sports Waiver).  This credential MUST be used EVERY time you enter the complex.  Lost credentials will need to be replaced by purchasing a ticket at the Box Office. 

COOLERSIce water will be provided throughout the competition area for athletes.  Individuals will be permitted to bring in 1 gallon coolers, as well as a 5 gallon cooler for the team, provided they do NOT contain any ALCOHOL OR GLASS PLEASE!

TENTS/CHAIRS – Teams may bring in their own lawn chairs and “pop-up” style tents. However no stakes, ropes or weights are permitted. In addition, the tents and chairs must not interfere with the field of play and must follow the guidelines below.

  • The tent can be no larger than 10' x 10'.
  • Tents must come down during storms.
  • No tents or chairs can be left overnight (all tents must be removed at the end of each day).
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex is not responsible for damage.
  • Tents may be taken down for visual obstruction, weather, or blocking of flow of traffic.
  • The tent cannot display advertising or logo.

SPECTATOR TICKETS – Spectator tickets are available at the box office at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at the following costs:
Length of Event – Adult $36.00/Child $26.00  Daily – Adult $18.00/Child $13.00

Spectator Tickets can also be pre-purchased online by using this Link

Additionally, spectator tickets can be purchased at the box office before the event date, like during check in. 



Concession stands and carts offering a variety of sandwiches, side items and healthy snacks are located throughout the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Locations and operating hours may vary based on competition schedules.

ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill

The ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill is a quick-service restaurant located across from the Welcome Center. Operating hours vary by season, and menu items include burgers, sandwiches, and salads as well as an assortment of desserts and beverages. The restaurant also has a full bar which is open during restaurant operating hours.

Pre-Order Food Delivery

In advance of your event, orders can be placed for quick, easy and well balanced boxed meals, bulk beverages, and snacks. The convenience of having your meals planned in advance and delivered directly to your competition venue will save you time and stress. View the available items and order form.

TRAINERSAthletic Trainers will be available at the fields prior to, during, and after all game times.  Athletes seeking preventative taping should bring their own taping supplies or purchase them from any merchandise location.  Taping services are free for all injuries sustained during competition.

PARKING General parking is free of charge, however it is on a first come first serve basis.  Please be aware of heavy traffic during this event and plan accordingly to ensure you arrive at your game on time.  Premium Parking and Valet parking are also available on select dates for an additional fee.

TRANSPORTATION All event participants and spectators are responsible for their own transportation to/from the ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex.  It is highly recommended that teams do not rely on the hotel transportation (buses) for their scheduled activities at the ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex.  

Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour National Championships
Event Entries

Below is a list of all teams currently registered for the Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour National Championships. Registration for this event is now closed.

Please check to ensure that all of the information for your team is correct.

Teams have been placed into groups for play, below.

IMPORTANT: Any and all requests for scheduling and team placement considerations must be sent to us by using the "Contact" link on our web site, and must be received by us NO LATER than midnight on July 17th.

At this time we cannot accept any new schedule or team placement requests.

While we make every effort to honor your requests, we regret that it may not always be possible for us to do so.

Schedules will be posted on the event information page on Sunday, July 23.


Div Level Gender ID Team Name Coach State
B06O OPEN Boys/Coed 17247 FC Dallas Laredo 2011 Fahara TX
B06O OPEN Boys/Coed 17102 Socceroos Jessee FL
B06O OPEN Boys/Coed 17363 Woodlands Warriors Wilson TX
B06O OPEN Boys/Coed 16596 Sharks Henderson FL
B06O OPEN Boys/Coed 16457 Big Tyme II Ferrer FL
B06O OPEN Boys/Coed 16793 MySoccerAcademy | Motif Sports 1 Cardoso FL
B06O OPEN Boys/Coed 16794 MySoccerAcademy | Motif Sports 2 Cardoso FL
B06O OPEN Boys/Coed 16795 MySoccerAcademy | Motif Sports 3 Cardoso FL
B07O OPEN Boys/Coed 16767 Nona Soccer Academy Black 2010    FL
B07O OPEN Boys/Coed 16816 YMCA Rockets  Rajotte TX
B07O OPEN Boys/Coed 16847 ACM 2010 Ronaldhino Flores TX
B07O OPEN Boys/Coed 14942 Fc Dallas- Laredo 2010 Fahara TX
B07O OPEN Boys/Coed 17073 IAFC High Fives 10B Griffin GA
B07O OPEN Boys/Coed 17227 Ocala Junior Thrashers Nijher FL
B07O OPEN Boys/Coed 16832 Atletico F.C. U7 Quintero FL
B07O OPEN Boys/Coed 17355 FC Dallas Alamo Area 2010 Garza TX
B07O OPEN Boys/Coed 16806 Athletic Club Miami 2010 Orange Pasztor FL
B07O OPEN Boys/Coed 16937 Storm Troopers Shelton FL
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 16435 SC United Mcguire FL
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 16841 Beastmode Ballers Valdez TX
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 15229 4Horsemen Manansala FL
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 16922 FC Dallas Laredo 2009 Fahara TX
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 16689 The Dutch Lions FC Gutierrez FL
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 16652 Gunners F.C. 2009/2010 Mootz FL
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 17337 OC Lions Hunter FL
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 17137 Ocala Junior Strikers Nijher FL
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 16438 Atletico F.C.U8 Silva FL
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 16048 Swat FC Kamm FL
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 16931 Stovi Stars 2009 Stovall FL
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 16495 Plant City Lancers 2009 Vasquez FL
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 16973 Lake County Fire Hansard FL
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 17392 NWRAA U8 Boys State Games   FL            
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 14893 Rockin Manchesters Childers FL            
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 16118 2009 La Academia 2M12 U8 Carabajal FL            
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 17012 B.S.A.U8 - G. Pique - Blue Ramirez FL            
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 15941 Rayaditos FC Alcala FL            
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 17349 Saint Cloud United   FL            
B08O OPEN Boys/Coed 17092 Nona Soccer Academy Black 2009   FL            
B09C COMP Boys/Coed 16921 AC Milan Pirlo Gambino TX
B09C COMP Boys/Coed 16548 Miami Lakes United U9 Black Academy Estrada FL
B09C COMP Boys/Coed 17248 Fc Dallas - Laredo 2008 Ibarra  TX
B09C COMP Boys/Coed 14082 Fury Boys  Crampton FL
B09C COMP Boys/Coed 16902 Cape FC Smackdown Cathey FL
B09C COMP Boys/Coed 16809 The Purple Lions Reyes FL
B09C COMP Boys/Coed 13669 2008 La Academia 2M12 U9 Forde FL            
B09C COMP Boys/Coed 16965 Lancers 08s Wilson FL            
B09C COMP Boys/Coed 17320 Eagles U9 Rivera FL            
B09C COMP Boys/Coed 17391 Sporting JUSC Sieverding IA            
B09C COMP Boys/Coed 17013 B.S.A.U9 - A. Iniesta - Blue Ramirez FL            
B09C COMP Boys/Coed 17369 B.S.A. U9 - A. Iniesta - Red Ramirez FL            
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 16642 Mia San Mia 2007 Boys Wardeiner OH
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 15546 Kraze Napoli Cilento FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 13878 J6 Blue Marquez FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 16860 San Lorenzo FC Teeter FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 15448 Miami Lakes United U10 Black Academy Estrada FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 13361 The Strikers Floyd FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 16610 F7fusion Francia FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 17301 TFA U10 Elite Yellow   OH
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 17051 Armada Elite   FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 16851 Cape United Calamela FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 15574 Thermo FC 07 Velez FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 16461 Orlando Avengers Alvarez FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 16936 Los Merengues Garibay FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 16456 Big Tyme  Ferrer FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 13966 Palm Beach Heat (07B) Peitz FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 12423 Mini Manchester 2007 Bush FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 17385 Pizza Chop Carlos MA
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 17098 Ocala Premier Balthazar FL
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 16034 Electro Wizards Moore FL            
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 16704 2007 La Academia 2M12 U10 Carabajal FL            
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 14913 Cape Landsharks Bly FL            
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 17014 B.S.A.U10 - Sergi Roberto Ramirez FL            
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 17147 Spartan FC   FL            
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 17399 Sporting 816 - 2007 Solorio MO            
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 17401 FC United Comer IA            
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 17394 Orlando Gold Nebangwa FL            
B10C COMP Boys/Coed 17377 Powder Puffs Long MO            
B09R REC Boys/Coed 17295 YMCA Lighting Bolts    TX            
B09R REC Boys/Coed 16719 The Fast The Furious Mosbrucker FL            
B10R REC Boys/Coed 16997 Arsenal U10 Molina FL
B10R REC Boys/Coed 16861 J6 White Cohen FL
B10R REC Boys/Coed 14727 Marco Island Sharks U10 Boys Bonos FL
B10R REC Boys/Coed 16592 Keystone 2007 Seneca FL
B10R REC Boys/Coed 17296 YMCA Aztecs  Cabrera TX
B10R REC Boys/Coed 16723 Savages Garcia GA
B10R REC Boys/Coed 13557 Stingrays Mann GA
B10R REC Boys/Coed 16748 Fort Meade Futbol Club Aztecs Cortez FL
B10R REC Boys/Coed 15159 Rebels Hansen FL
B11C COMP Boys/Coed 16641 Mia San Mia 2006 Boys Wardeiner OH
B11C COMP Boys/Coed 17249 Fc Dallas- Laredo 2006 Ibarra  TX
B11C COMP Boys/Coed 16496 FCAO 2006 Barberree FL
B11C COMP Boys/Coed 14673 Kraken Elite Camero FL
B11C COMP Boys/Coed 10466 FI Strikers Davis FL
B11C COMP Boys/Coed 16855 Fuel FC Thompson FL
B11C COMP Boys/Coed 16489 06 City Boys Crampton FL
B11C COMP Boys/Coed 16862 Immokalee Cobras 0506 Barrera FL
B11C COMP Boys/Coed 12228 Hurricanes Castaneda FL
B11C COMP Boys/Coed 16533 Stovi Stars 06 Boys Stovall FL
B11C COMP Boys/Coed 15851 Wolfpack Calamela FL            
B11C COMP Boys/Coed 14965 United FC Nicolosi FL          
B11C COMP Boys/Coed 17015 B.S.A.U11 - C.  Ronaldo - Blue Ramirez FL            
B11R REC Boys/Coed 16153 Gunners SSFC 06 Boys Ganas GA
B11R REC Boys/Coed 14931 Vipers Carrillo GA
B11R REC Boys/Coed 17192 Cyclones   FL
B11R REC Boys/Coed 17060 Lightning Silver Aguirre FL
B11R REC Boys/Coed 13596 Jesup Chargers Lopez GA            
B12C COMP Boys/Coed 16444 Barca Madrid Grover FL
B12C COMP Boys/Coed 16643 Mia San Mia 2005 Boys Wardeiner OH
B12C COMP Boys/Coed 17044 The Sharks Ilescremieux AZ
B12C COMP Boys/Coed 16555 Florida Vikings FC (Black) Juarez FL
B12C COMP Boys/Coed 15125 Kraken  McGee FL
B12C COMP Boys/Coed 16867 Strikers Stahl FL
B12C COMP Boys/Coed 17251 Miramar United Eite FC   FL
B12C COMP Boys/Coed 16508 Florida Vikings FC (Red) Abner FL          
B12C COMP Boys/Coed 15386 Rush Boys05 Bignon FL            
B12C COMP Boys/Coed 16540 Powerhouse Elite Dennis FL            
B12C COMP Boys/Coed 16038 Dragons FC Vazquez FL            
B12R REC Boys/Coed 15753 Little Huskies Alonso FL
B12R REC Boys/Coed 10913 Marco Island Sharks (u12) Watt FL
B12R REC Boys/Coed 16427 Arsenal U12 Molina FL
B12R REC Boys/Coed 16976 Destroyers Mcglynn FL
B12R REC Boys/Coed 17006 Emoji Moya FL
B12R REC Boys/Coed 16125 Gunners SSFC 05 Boys   GA
B12R REC Boys/Coed 15129 Palm Coast Titans U12A Galt FL
B12R REC Boys/Coed 16988 Dynamite Brisker FL
B13R REC Boys/Coed 15183 Keystone 2004 Seneca FL            
B13R REC Boys/Coed 17195 United WC Rodriguez FL            
B13C COMP Boys/Coed 17189 Gunners SSFC 04 Boys Mclendon GA
B13C COMP Boys/Coed 13977 Cape Coral FC Oben FL
B13C COMP Boys/Coed 17279 Lightning Boyz Lobos FL
B13C COMP Boys/Coed 16981 Tempest Lamboy FL
B13C COMP Boys/Coed 17252 Florida Vikings FC (Gold) Juarez FL
B13C COMP Boys/Coed 17126 Miami Centro 2004 Vela FL
B13C COMP Boys/Coed 17111 Ocala Premier Bolts Balthazar FL
B13C COMP Boys/Coed 15892 East West United  Farren FL            
B13C COMP Boys/Coed 17178 Future Legends    FL            
B13C COMP Boys/Coed 17017 B.S.A.U13 - J. Cruyff Ramirez FL            
B13C COMP Boys/Coed 17259 Florida Vikings FC (Blue) Abner FL            
B14C COMP Boys/Coed 16838 QuickFire Hildebrand OH
B14C COMP Boys/Coed 16640 Mia San Mia 2003 Boys   OH
B14C COMP Boys/Coed 16801 Arsenal U14 Hogan FL
B14C COMP Boys/Coed 16344 FabFive Gallet FL
B14C COMP Boys/Coed 16740 Pumas United Araiza FL
B14C COMP Boys/Coed 14924 Gunners SSFC 03 Boys Petrella GA
B14C COMP Boys/Coed 16567 Clermont Crush Barth FL
B14C COMP Boys/Coed 10511 Blue Nation    FL
B14C COMP Boys/Coed 16894 Beitar Jerusalem Yakhin FL            
B14C COMP Boys/Coed 12250 West Orange Stars Kalvez FL            
B14C COMP Boys/Coed 17238 Golden Boys  Lenis FL            
B14C COMP Boys/Coed 17043 White Bullets Hidalgo FL            
B14R REC Boys/Coed 16206 Ancient City Strikers Pierle FL
B14R REC Boys/Coed 17022 U14 Keystone Hubner FL
B14R REC Boys/Coed 12933 Nitrox  Leasure GA
B14R REC Boys/Coed 12936 Thunder Eden FL
B14R REC Boys/Coed 14227 Palm Coast Titans U14 A Sena FL
B14R REC Boys/Coed 14228 Palm Coast Titans U14 B Jennette FL
B14R REC Boys/Coed 16849 TWSA Blue Mcdonald FL
B15C COMP Boys/Coed 17097 Wave Runners Gingerich MN
B15C COMP Boys/Coed 10828 Marco Island Sharks (u15) Vergo FL
B15C COMP Boys/Coed 15780 Classic XI Garcia FL
B15C COMP Boys/Coed 17067 Swat Wesley FL
B15C COMP Boys/Coed 17093 Naples Bulls Garcia FL            
B15R REC Boys/Coed 16777 San Carlos Scorpions Beast Mode Davis FL
B15R REC Boys/Coed 17190 Gunners SSFC 02 Co-Ed   GA
B15R REC Boys/Coed 16989 Nothing But Net Ertter FL
B15R REC Boys/Coed 12781 WFF Barcelona Jr's Moran FL            
B15R REC Boys/Coed 17235 FC Tigres  Aragus FL            
B16C COMP Boys/Coed 17028 Arsenal U16 Owen FL
B16C COMP Boys/Coed 16899 Warriors  Rank FL
B16C COMP Boys/Coed 17076 South Orlando Predators Nevergold FL
B16C COMP Boys/Coed 17023 Zamba Kennon FL
B16C COMP Boys/Coed 14212 Keystone U16  Patterson FL
B16C COMP Boys/Coed 14889 Bonita  FC heydolph FL
B16C COMP Boys/Coed 15791 Tekkers FC Testa FL
B16C COMP Boys/Coed 14518 Megmakers Rincon FL
B16C COMP Boys/Coed 10063 Drew's Yellow Cards Frederique FL            
B16C COMP Boys/Coed 16813 Doomsday Bunnies Hecker OH            
B16C COMP Boys/Coed 10918 Soul Ja Boys Henry            
B16R REC Boys/Coed 16913 Lorette Sting Gaucher MB
B16R REC Boys/Coed 16845 SCP 2001 Boys Davis FL
B16R REC Boys/Coed 17246 Valdosta FC Byrd GA
B16R REC Boys/Coed 17107 Savages Eden FL
B16R REC Boys/Coed 16753 Palm Coast Titans U16 Figueiredo FL
B17C COMP Boys/Coed 14048 WC Barcelona Palmer TN
B17C COMP Boys/Coed 15055 RH Savages Carrillo GA
B17C COMP Boys/Coed 16799 Arsenal U17 Molina FL
B17C COMP Boys/Coed 16158 NF GSA   FL
B17C COMP Boys/Coed 17389 Barcelona Velasco FL            
B17C COMP Boys/Coed 17404 Dapper Chaps Long MO            
B18C COMP Boys/Coed 16707 Ball Hogs Axelrad FL
B18C COMP Boys/Coed 15881 CFC Tigers Martinez FL
B18C COMP Boys/Coed 16401 Muslim All Stars Suleiman FL
B18C COMP Boys/Coed 15993 FC Elite Dizdarevic FL
B18C COMP Boys/Coed 17407 Laquey  Sargent MO            
B17R REC Boys/Coed 15005 Fusion Mauter FL            
B17R REC Boys/Coed 16969 Gunners U17 Kercado FL            
B18R REC Boys/Coed 14970 Lightning Blue Aguirre FL
BACO OPEN Boys/Coed 16450 London Silly Nannies Hall FL            
BACO OPEN Boys/Coed 16350 Team Sushi Lockett FL            
BADR REC Boys/Coed 17193 Echols FC Abeja GA            
BADR REC Boys/Coed 17077 229 Takeover Lopez GA            
BADR REC Boys/Coed 17225 L&F Aguirre FL            
BADR REC Boys/Coed 10540 Terminators Holstein FL            
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 17361 HBI Laines FL
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 17143 Alumni Tigers Pittman FL
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 14986 Acosta Academy Griffis FL
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 14414 TWSA Elite Mcdonald FL
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 17112 TFC Bautista FL
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 10001 Lightning McTesterson FL
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 16953 Englewood 69ers Ryan FL            
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 17397 Whidbey Mussel FC Flavin WA            
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 14597 Adi-Rolf Broadbridge FL            
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 16651 Williston Futbol Club (WFC) Rodriguez FL            
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 17004 Three Lions   FL            
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 15376 Davenport FC Caicedo FL            
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 17188 Kroos Control Gonzales GA            
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 17144 3v3 Tigers Del Rosario FL            
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 17333 Hoosier's Daddy Garlow FL            
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 14140 Blue Team Basque FL            
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 17153 North Florida FC Walsh FL            
BADC COMP Boys/Coed 16367 United   FL            
G08O OPEN Girls 17099 South Florida Thunder Feldman FL
G08O OPEN Girls 16476 Lady Liberty Gold Hansen FL
G08O OPEN Girls 16946 GoalMaids Hoefer FL
G08O OPEN Girls 17182 Kickin'Cuties West Pines Chin FL
G08O OPEN Girls 17287 Thundercats Clowdus-hood FL
G08O OPEN Girls 15948 Cape Coral Swat Team Rogers FL            
G10C COMP Girls 16925 Sporting Virginia Futsal Club Byrd MD
G10C COMP Girls 16780 J6 G'S Marquez FL
G10C COMP Girls 17311 Philly National Perry MS
G10C COMP Girls 16499 Force Wooten FL            
G10C COMP Girls 16562 Lucky Lloyds Cardona FL            
G10C COMP Girls 17376 Crazy Legs Long MO            
G09C COMP Girls 16869 Nfinity FC Red Erickson FL            
G09C COMP Girls 17358 West Mont Cheetahs Turner PA            
G09R REC Girls 16454 Dangerous Ladies Zavaleta FL            
G10R REC Girls 16156 Cape Coral Flames  Perez FL
G10R REC Girls 17031 Swat 07 Kamm FL
G11C COMP Girls 11427 U.S.A   FL
G11C COMP Girls 16672 Boca Owls U11 Falkins FL
G11C COMP Girls 17084 Craig Demmin Elite Demmin NY
G11C COMP Girls 16858 Fuel FC Yianoukos FL
G11C COMP Girls 15992 Lady Synergy Bunton FL
G11C COMP Girls 16310 Beast Mode Rivera FL
G11C COMP Girls 16896 The Bobs Carson FL
G11C COMP Girls 15904 MBSA Robalino FL            
G11C COMP Girls 16581 Pink Lighting  Beck FL            
G11C COMP Girls 17108 Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions U11G Vermeer FL            
G12C COMP Girls 15422 Sunrise  Anderson  FL
G12C COMP Girls 16639 Mia San Mia 2005 girls Wardeiner OH
G12C COMP Girls 16939 U.S.A Gerke FL
G12C COMP Girls 16267 Craig Demmin Elite  Demmin  NY
G12C COMP Girls 17172 TCYSA Force Ozuna TX
G12C COMP Girls 17064 Stanley Steemer Strykers Sanford FL
G12C COMP Girls 16114 City Girls Espinosa FL
G12C COMP Girls 16637 Vipers 05 Introcaso  FL
G12C COMP Girls 17134 Ocala Premier Ladies Parker FL
G12C COMP Girls 16674 Beachside Premier Select Elite Weldon FL
G13C COMP Girls 16665 Bonivital Flames Dick ND
G13C COMP Girls 16638 Mia San Mia 2004 girls Wardeiner OH
G13C COMP Girls 16561 Snowgirls Wynn Fl
G13C COMP Girls 16975 Natural Disasters  Spiller FL
G13C COMP Girls 17314 Fire Elite Soto Fl
G13C COMP Girls 17026 Lightning Strikes Dawson FL
G13C COMP Girls 12782 Flying Duchesses Broadbridge FL
G13C COMP Girls 16675 Beachside Premier Select Elite Elite Gill FL
G13C COMP Girls 16676 Beachside Elite Select Premier Prandergast FL
G13C COMP Girls 13967 Palm Beach Heat (04G) Hamel  FL
G13C COMP Girls 17354 Orange Crush Weaver FL            
G12R REC Girls 16963 Black Widows Rose WY            
G12R REC Girls 16772 Honey Badgers Ball FL            
G12R REC Girls 16046 Alaris Storm Barrs FL            
G13R REC Girls 15951 Cobras Leasure GA
G13R REC Girls 14498 Liberty Belles Hansen FL
G14C COMP Girls 16808 REMLT Force Clark MI
G14C COMP Girls 15848 Shooting Stars Berrette FL
G14C COMP Girls 16824 Lakeland Lightning Ganancias FL
G14C COMP Girls 12286 Real Estero Rinaldi FL
G14R REC Girls 15870 The Strikers Rojas FL
G14R REC Girls 16644 Raining Fire Rosa FL
G14R REC Girls 16864 Tigers Aragus FL
G14R REC Girls 15130 Palm Coast Breakers U14 A Slusarz FL
G15C COMP Girls 16491 Rush Hour Pitts FL
G15C COMP Girls 16955 Royal Pains Story FL
G15C COMP Girls 17103 Strikers Elite   FL
G16C COMP Girls 14271 Super Six Lawson FL
G16C COMP Girls 17356 Soccer Beasts Mccoy FL            
G16C COMP Girls 17403 Pink Plaid Platypus Long MO            
G16C COMP Girls 13105 LC Sharks Norman GA            
G16R REC Girls 16677 L.A Challengers Samaroo FL            
G16R REC Girls 15133 Palm Coast Breakers U16 Eldredge FL
G17C COMP Girls 17405 Fire Breathing Unicorns Long MO            
G18C COMP Girls 14242 Lady Tigers  Villareal FL
G18C COMP Girls 17260 Bluelightning Arroyo FL
G18R REC Girls 11019 Shark Girls (u18) Watt FL
G18R REC Girls 16887 Fuego   FL            
GADC COMP Girls 14662 Catholic Girls Henry FL
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Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour National Championships
Hotel Information


Housing Policy: All participating teams MUST contact GET Sports in order to participate in this event. Teams located outside 90 driving miles of registration address are required to book a minimum of 6 room nights per team through the official tournament housing partner,

GET Sports (example: 3 rooms for 2 nights each). Challenge Sports and Disney Sports Attractions have arranged for GET Sports to support all registered teams from the time they are ready to discuss their travel needs, through the conclusion of the tournament.

GET Sports is able to help each team with hotel accommodations, theme park tickets, transportation and more. All teams outside 90 driving miles of the venue, must contact GET Travel to book your travel options to gain final accepted into the tournament. This can be done pre or post tournament registration.

Please do not make any direct reservations on your own. Call, email or book online at your earliest convenience by calling 888-877-4445 Option 3 between the hours of 10:30am and 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time or E-Mail

* It is recognized that there are valid circumstances within some teams or clubs to consider in regards to the housing policy minimum. If you think your team or club will have difficulty meeting the minimum requirement, please contact GET Travel Sports at 888-877-4445, option 3 or See the "Housing Policy" on their website modification categories and information.

Thanks for your participation in the event!


How to make a reservation!
For travel information or reservations, please do one of the following:

  1. Call Get Sports' toll free number at (888) 877-4445, option 3
    Business hours are Monday - Friday 10:30 am to 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  2. Book online
    1. For hotel information and pricing click on "Accommodations". Review and choose your program hotels. Then click "book now"
    2. For transportation information, click on the "Transportation" link to read and review transportation inclusions and/or requirements.
    3. For Walt Disney World® Resort Tickets and options, click on the "Disney® Tickets" link. Review options. Then click "book now".


All Teams must contact GET Sports in order to become an approved entry, online or phone 888.877.4445

Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour National Championships
Guest Players

Below is a listing of Guest Players that are available or needed for this event

If you are interested in adding a player to the this list please use the Guest Player Form located under the above Info/Resources tab.

Guest Players Available

Male 2010 Comp

Elliot has been playing 3v3 for years, and is a very tactically aware and skilled player beyond his years. He loves the game and would love to join a team for the Orlando 3V3 Challenge.

Male 2010 Comp

Kipton is a skilled 3v3 player with a few years of 3v3 experience. He has great control and has played for years against older competition. His older brothers will be competing at Disney, so he will already be there.

Male 2010 Comp

We are looking for a team for my son Champ Windle at Disney Nationals. He has played with the U8 Little Strikers (Jacksonville, Florida). He played at the U8 level as a 6 year old. He just turned 7. I'd prefer to have him on a U7 roster but are open to a U8 roster. My older son is playing at Disney and we really want to find a team for Champ. Please let me know if you have any team interested. He is a nice player that would be a good addition to a roster. We would not have big expectations for playing time. Would order what ever jersey we needed. Thank you for your help! Ben Windle 904-614-5429

Male 2010 Comp

My kids team can't come but we are coming with my oldest he has experience in 3v3 and 7v7.

Male 2008 Comp

Gavin is an Orlando City Youth Soccer player on the U-10 Pre-ECNL team this upcoming season. He has experience playing in 3v3 tournaments, is a hard worker and a team player. He would love to play with a team that needs an extra player.

Male 2008 Comp

Gardner is a hard working and highly skilled with years of experience playing 3v3 at the competition level. Gardner also plays on an 08 Division 1 team in Orlando FL. At the last minute the team couldn't make it. The Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour National Championships is one of Gardner's favorite tournaments and would be a great addition to any team. Thank You

Male 2007 Comp

Sam is a strong offensive player with a excellent goal scoring. He is flexible and loves 3v3. He has played competitive soccer for 3 years

Male 2007 Comp

Christopher plays for Orlando City U10 competitive team. We want to play as much 3v3 in the offseason as possible, starting now. Please contact me if you have a need or opening. Thank you!

Male 2006 Comp

Julian currently plays comp soccer in GCF league division 3.

Male 2006 Comp

Zak is a very strong player with a knack for goal scoring. Very tough defensively too. Has been playing competeive soccer since 5 years old. Currently plays at U12 level (turns 11) in April Had played 3v3 at a high level for 4 years

Male 2006 Rec

Phoenix plays hard goal to goal and has many years experience. Has a brother playing U6 at Disney & would love to pick up some game time in U11. Call Luis with any questions. 832-262-8551

Male 2005 Comp

Will is a strong defensive player with a strong foot. He is flexible and loves 3v3. He has played competitive soccer for 4 years

Male 2005 Comp

Will Johnson is a top shelf defensive player in 3v3. He has a strong foot and loves the game. Here is one of his tournaments:

Male 2005 Comp

U12, 2005 born Player available for suitable 3v3 tournaments in and around the Tampa area..

Male 2005 Comp


Male 2005 Comp

Gabe has 4 years of 3v3 national tournament experience. He is a full field striker that typically plays tail for 3v3. He is a versatile player. Currently playing for Orlando city on ecnl squad. Technically gifted tactically aware. Can fit quickly into any system.

Male 2005 Comp

My son Is available to play Disney tournament in u12 division. He has been paying 3v3 for long time, last year his team played in final in gold division. It just happened that his teammates can not make it to Disney. We will be in Disney anyway as his brothers are paying in different age group brackets.

Male 2004 Comp

Excellent player. Played last two years in Spain partial with Real Betis. Starting august will play in the Netherlands with AFC Ajax. We are in ORLANDO now till august 7 and he would just love to play

Male 2002 Comp

Would appreciate the opportunity to play.

Female 2007 Comp

Sarah is a strong/competitive player that plays U10/U11. She has been playing with top clubs in GA & FL over the past year. She is used to competing with older girls and likes a challenge.

Female 2007 Comp

Gabi is a 2007 competitive player plays on div 1 GCF team.

Female 2006 Comp

Jenna plays for a D1 team in South Florida and is looking for some additional competition.

Female 2006 Comp

Stella has been playing soccer for six years. She is in her fourth year of competitive play and as a 2006, currently plays up to U12 for Tarpon FC. She is a Right Forward. Last year, her 3v3 team (Sweet Cleats) won the Pasco 3V3 Championship and qualified for the finals at Disney. She is available to fill in whatever capacity needed around the West and Central areas of Florida.

Female 2006 Comp

Zoe has experience as travel player3v3 7v7. She currently plays for a registered club and guest plays for a couple of teams down in south florida U11 travel girls. She is available for 3v3 girls or co-ed games and willing to travel.

Female 2006 Comp

2 time Disney champion . High level stamina , game awareness , ball controll and nose for the ball . Point ( sweeper ) speicialist . Courtney is an extremely competitive and team / coach friendly player . We took this season off .

Female 2006 Comp

Zoe is an experienced competitive 3v3 player. She plays as forward, midfield and defender in South Florida and she has played up with 2005 in 3v3. We are coming to 3v3 Nationals July 27th thru 31st anyways since my 7 yr old is also participating. Zoe's 3v3 team U12 Brazilian Pink Panthers qualified however they do not choose to come at this time. We are a very driven passionate soccer family if you need a player who is ready to support your team CALL US. She is very flexible and adjust fast with new players. We will be in Orlando anyways just let us know. Tel-571-338-2620

Female 2005 Comp

Willing to play with a great artitude

Female 2004 Comp

Dakota is available to guest play. She has been playing since she was 6. She is one of the few kids that are able to play all the positions. She has a strong leg for long kicks and corner kicks.

Female 2003 Rec

This player is a very good defensive player. Has and can contribute offensively. But is more known for her defensive abilities and excellent distribution of the ball.

Female 2002 Comp

Summer is a seasoned 3-v-3 player. She has won nationals twice in the past.

Female 2001 Comp

Lauren is an excellent and versatile player. She is very competitive and a driven team player.

Guest Players Needed

Male 2001 Comp

We are looking for 1 competitive player with 3v3 experience to play at the 3v3 Nationals in Disney call coach Duane 352-235-0393

Male 2007 Comp

I have 2 players from the original team the ULTIMATE STRIKERS and so (ANTHONY BARRA) are guest player will be our third player. We may or may not have a 4th player from the original qualifying team, but I'm still waiting to here from the parents by Monday(7/11/2017).

Male 2008 Rec

We lost a player to injury and is unlikely able to be ready for national We are looking for 2 boys or girls. Our team play soccer year round but are not from same area

Male 2009 Comp

Need 1 players for FC Dallas Laredo u8 team form Dallas Texas for Nationals

Male 2009 Comp

We need 2 players to compete in the 3v3 national championship in Orlando Florida July 28-31 ]. We are fc Dallas Laredo located in Texas looking to compete. It would be very beneficial for us if you can join us.

Male 2009 Rec

Need a min. of 1 player girl or boy, We have played year round for all the kids we lost player to shoulder injury and unlikely to play. looking for rec player with ball handling and shooting skills, along with a good defensive mind

Male 2010 Rec

Need 1 players for FC Dallas Laredo U7 team from Dallas Texas for Nationals

Male 2010 Comp

We need 2 players to compete in the 3v3 national championship in Orlando Florida July 28-31 ]. We are fc Dallas Laredo located in Texas looking to compete. It would be very beneficial for us if you can join us.

Female 2005 Comp

2005 Girls team looking for one competitive payer for the Disney 3v3 tournament. Email for details.

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