The Challenge Sports Guarantee

At Challenge Sports we understand the importance of having the most balanced competition possible as part of a positive tournament experience. We also understand that surprise circumstances can cause a sudden change to a team's plans after entering a tournament. For those reasons we have the Challenge Sports Guarantee for all events operated by Challenge Sports.

Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour National Championships

For National's the Challenge Sports Guarantee still applies, however do to the nature of this event the withdraw period is different than that of the qualifiers. A team may withdraw from the 3v3 Challenge Tour National Championships any time up to midnight on July 20th.

If a team withdraws before this deadline, the team can request a full refund of the entry fee. The Guarantee applies to the entry fee only. Reservations for travel or hotel rooms are not covered by the Challenge Sports Guarantee. For hotel or accommodations cancellations, the team will need refer to housing Terms and Conditions provided by GET Travel.

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